Sharon trained and certified at CTI (the Coaches Training Institute) the world's largest and oldest in-person coach training school.  An industry leader, with a 'gold standard of certification programs', CTI's ground-breaking Co-Active coaching model is a truly holistic view to coaching; where focus is placed on the person's whole-life.

Sharon is also a Certified Coach through the ICF (the International Coaches Federation).

With 20+ years of experience working with and leading global cross functional teams, Sharon has an aptitude for inspiring individuals and driving business results.   Her own steadfast tenacity has served both her and clients well.  With dedicated focus, she offers candid insight and enduring support to individuals who are exploring their own Leadership potential.  Sharon believes that breaking down barriers while fostering a safe and fun arena with which to grow is one of coaching's greatest rewards.


                                           Photograph courtesy of James Marshall.